Primitivo Stage 10: Azrúa to O Pedrouzo 

We woke to pounding rain and fog. We then quickly unwoke, rolled over, and hoped for better weather. Had worst meal of our trip last night- I wish an avenging Gordon Ramsay upon them. Really relieved not be food poisoned. It’s hard to make good restaurant choices when starving and impatient. Most of menus very similar so to tell apart you have to see who’s cooking. So again averaging down from previous night when we had best (close) meal of trip. 

The rain failed to stop so we shuffled down the road in the pelting rain. After 5 minutes of tough walking we ducked into first bar for coffee, juice and cake. Rain immediately stopped and we headed out into unsettled day. Only had 20km of flat walking along paths made a little slick and quite muddy from the overnight and morning rain. This will leave us with another 20km stage tomorrow to enter Santiago where laundry and rest await. 

Strava link
Lots of jacket on, jacket off action all morning. Quite crowded but most of cyclists rolled over and went back to sleep for the forenoon, anyway. Much more people and bars – but no increase in washrooms and so lots of fellas and ladies off to side of trail trying to be somewhat modest. 

Afternoon was all jacket on but we were lucky to be under an awning when it really got intense with only a km to pension. 

Trail got busier in afternoon with bikes out trying to make Santiago and horses in a large group. Even though trail is busier you have long stretches when you are alone. 

Quite ready to “get her done” tomorrow and the weather looks like today’s for tomorrow so blech. Have to read up on what we are supposed to do at cathedral etc so we can be suitably reverent. We have enjoyed the journey so don’t want to get wrapped up in hugging statues, walking on knees, speaking in tongues, avian sacrifice (maybe chicken for lunch), etc. We will go get compostela  – the document that verifies your journey and probably go see the big ball of incense be tossed around at Pilgrim’s mass on Monday. We will see. Probably try to buy some non-hobo pants or shirt. Couldn’t be happier with my hiking clothes but Diana manages look presentable after hours in hers while people offer me change. 

Ultreya! (Westward ho!)


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