Primitivo Stage 6: A Fonsagrada to O Cádavo

The guide book is read the same way as a home inspection report – if you feel good about the day then you gloss over words like steep, treacherous, swamp and canibal; if you are wretched it all sounds wretched. So perhaps I read the guide with rose tinted glasses. It was supposed to be short, about 21km, and flattish. It was more like 27 with almost 1000m of climbing. We started out late at 0930 as have not been sleeping well and so were in late with the extra 1.5 hours of walking that was not anticipated. 

Strava link
It was cool sunny morning with only enough wind to intermittently move the blades of the omnipresent windmills. By afternoon the cool went and we got a little cooked as we left the shady trails and walked more exposed paths. The bars were well spaced and today’s best bar in Spain had enormous and good chorizo bocadillos and sangria at 4€ a litre. Added bonus a very cute little dog that made friends with Diana. 

As it warmed up two additional well placed bars provided Radler and shade. We always run into the Irish group of 2 couples and a plus one as well as our Danish friend Niels. We always seem to meet them in the last hour at the last bar. 

Into Lugo tomorrow after a long mostly downhill stage followed by a rest day and then last push to Santiago expecting to arrive Sunday. 


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