“Madness- simply madness” Diana’s Input from 11 May

Our waiter at lunch the other day ,who asked if we were hiking El Camino, walked away shaking his head,saying :”madness…… Simply madness”While he was joking(??)-it did promote some discussion about how we were approaching it.

Yesterday’s 35 Km hike was the breaking point for us. The last 3 hours we were so tired , hot and sore. We literally could not get it together to order dinner at the restaurant that night because we were falling asleep.

“Madness…. Simply madness”

Today we decided we were not up to the next 35 km stage. Graham’s blisters are pretty bad , I’ve already lost a toenail,and we both got too much sun during our long 9-10 hour treks. Off we limped to the local bus station , where we were greeted by 3 other “pilgrims” who also needed a change in plan.

We bused to Llanes, and spent the afternoon recuperating on our porch, and re- planning

The rest of our journey . Our days will now mostly be around 25 -27 km – much more manageable. This way we will actually have time and energy to explore these towns , which are just so beautiful!

Why we were initially a bit disappointed, a wise young German at the bus station summed it up- :”the Camino is just like life, and plans sometimes have to change. ”

One more , much needed rest day in Llanes

Tommorrow 😀


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