Stage 9: Santillana del Mar to San Vincente. 

A long 35km today mostly on asphalt again but with little climbing. 

Strava link
No boats, trains, or buses today – although after 30k we were bushed and we sat in a bus stop hopefully for a about 20 minutes until Diana correctly read the schedule and the bus I expected at 1627 would not arrive until July. Is bus transport navigation or logistics?  I vote logistics then Diana had an advantage. 

Santillana del Mar was lovely and our hotel was great. 50€ with balcony and good breakfast. We sat out quaffing Radler’s watching the kids play futbol in the park across from hotel. Makes the list for return visit. 

Walking in the morning is the best. We are fresh, it’s cool, and if on the roads they are quiet. 

In the “lessons learned” category shorter stages of 25 k a day would be better than our 3 days long / 1 day off. But better still would be shorter stages and days off to enjoy some of sites. I think we planned as best we could for the time we were willing to take off – but challenge is the walking days our uniformly pretty hard and long leaving little energy or time to explore these nice towns we are transiting between and the rest days are really needed to rest. 

My right foot is more Compeed than foot as my slightly smaller right foot moves around a bit too much in the shoes that fit the left foot. Back to using poles to get weight off feet and relieve the discomfort. Discomfort makes time slow down when you would rather it would slip away blissfully walking. 

Have not seen much of San Vicente as we were in after 1745 and after shower and drink then dinner not much time to explore. Fishing town with nice waterfront and port. 

Long day scheduled for tomorrow. The crew is grumbling so we will see how many kms of forced march you can get out of this surly, sore footed lot – rest day in Llanes starts at end of stage. Three weeks until we leave Spain for Zparis and 2 weeks today since we left home. 

Everything feels good but we both have a bad foot/ankle. It spoils the stew. 


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