Junk Miles. Stage 8: Santander to Santillana del Mar 9 May 2016

Good rest day in Santander yesterday. Capital of Cantabria,Santander, is a prosperous port city with a lively waterfront that was ravaged in 1890s by a ship explosion – like Halifax – and then ravaged by fire in 1941. Really good eating to be had. Our accommodation was a bit dodgy with great location – except for the all night Latin American bar below our windows. Washer worked well which was the cause of our infatuation. 

The Santander 10k was underway – they start at 1100 vice TC10k 0800- we cheered rather than joining in. 

Junk miles are rides and runs that are done with no training objective so while they add to one’s training total they don’t do much to improve your fitness. Today’s stage was all asphalt and much if it through suburban areas. It was really charmless and tempting to take the convenient regional train that would of brought us within 10km of our days objective. Where do you draw the line?  The point is to walk after all so maybe it’s best to walk when you are able. We could have flown to Santiago or watched The Way on Netflix and called it a Camino if efficiency was the goal. 

Strava link
We did take train for 5 of today’s 32km as there was no pedestrian bridge option at Boo that would have required a 8km diversion. Diana was not keen to jog over the railway bridge so we boarded the train for 2 stops. Hey, there used to be a ferry that pilgrims took – a train is like a ferry?

The walking was dull but lunch (arrived a little late according to Di who refused to be cheered by my Bronski Beat Zmedley) was good. We had macaroni with sausage in a creamy mustard sauce (university hang over food – in a good way) followed by roast beef or house chicken. Swilled down with pitcher of Sangria and followed by an enormous “poste” of tiramisu or the modest choice of Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries. 

We were into Santillana del Mar by 3:30 in charming hotel Los Angeles that fronts on local park. Looks like rain as I tap this out on iPhone while Di siestas post Radler. 

Santillana del Mar is the town of three lies: no saint,no plain (llana) and no sea (mar). But Sartre called it most charming village in Spain and it is a pretty medieval walled thingy with the Famous prehistoric painting in the Altamira caves  (closed Monday’s – boo). 

Have a long day tomorrow but hopefully – guide says so – it’s more scenic than today as we return to coast. 


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