Rest Day Bilbao

A really lovely city. We are staying in the old town or Casco Viejo with seemingly more bars and restaurants than people – some full,some empty. We took regional bus in from Larrabetzu yesterday about 20 minutes on bus saved about 4 hours of industrial park walking. We will take Metro to Portugalate to avoid the rust belt tomorrow. 

We slept in. Did laundry. Drank wine. Walked to Guggenheim and appreciated the building and the lovely riverfront promenade that is extensive and very well kept. Had lunch today in an Italian place – big carbo/Lambrusco load – reminded us of the Emilia Romania from Italy last spring. 

We leave the Basque Country tomorrow and enter Cantabria. We have never been to Spainand the Basque region is a wonderful introduction – just avoid calling it Spain to anyone. We met a Scot yesterday who had done rugby club exchange with Basque teams and he describes them as having a good sense of humour and fun. (Unlike the French, Spainards and any other European he could think of). 

Everyone assumes we are American. When/if they ask they brighten immediately when told Canadian. Starting to think this attitude reflects more badly on the Europeans than the Americans. Still pinning a maple leaf crest on hat starting tomorrow  – I can see why young Americans do that  

We have a 25 kilometer trek along flat beach terrain tomorrow. Weather has turned very warm – 27 today- so we will have an early start and finish. Even on warm days it seems to take until early afternoon to really start cooking and then stays warm into the evening. 


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