Stage 3 – Zumaia to Ziortzabeitia  1 May 2016

There was a significant flaw in my planning. It’s best to go from A to B. Or maybe from A to C. To go from Z to Z means a whole trip through the alphabet. 

I’m glad I was too tired to write Sunday night as the post may have been incoherent and punchy. It was an epic day of 39.7 km of walking, 1700 meters of elevation gain and the final 6 km in a taxi procured for us by a charming bar patron in Markina-Ximen to ensure we got to the alburge before dark. 

I had planned to execute the german short cut at Deba and cut 8km from the walk. Sadly the German guidebook that contained this mystical route arrives, via Amazon, tomorrow. So the revised plan was to ask a German. Why can you never find a German when you need one. If you are not looking for one there they are in hordes. So any plan that relies on a convenient Teutonic influence is flawed. 

The strava file
So no short cut and lots of climbing. Really too much – totally beat the ha ha out of us. Shame as the landscape was epic and many treats along the way. The mystical appearance of a wood fired pizzeria on a mountaintop with most inviting patio in Christendom is the sort of miracle that could inspire pilgrimages. Pizza and a glass of local Txacoli vino blanco – day redeemed (ish). 

Diana is a mountain goat. She is Not sure if she loves the Camino but she sure is good at it. Pointed and deserved questions on my planning ability have been discussed animatedly but she is very tolerant. Occasional muttering of Rockyesque “there ain’t gonna be no rematch” but followed by real appreciation of the Basque Country we are traversing. 

The pizza of the divine inspiration
the next hill to climb


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