Day 4 – Ziorbetzia to Larrabetzu 

Last night we were in an Alburge for the first time with other pilgrims. Japanese, Dutch, Italian etc not many maybe 8 of us all together. A charming host in the private very clean facility made it even better. We were late and they provided us lentils and chorizo stew that hit the spot – and stuck. 

We had a private room with bathroom but walls were thin so it was more communal than we are used to. We are introducing these facilities on a as needed basis – we had our share of barracks and mess decks in life already. 

Easier day of walking today ~36 kms with about 1000 metres of gain:

Strava link
Climbing and descents were long but not as steep as previous days. Hardest climb was the driveway to the Agroturismo Miamendi B&B where we stayed last night. We felt very Spanish sitting down to dinner as only guests in this 6 room inn at 9:30 at night. 

We took bus this morning – after breakfast on terrace- to Bilbao as it was about 20km of walking through industrial parks. We are staying in Bilbao 2 nights and hope to recharge a bit. Both feeling stronger but a bit weary after pretty strenuous string of walking. 

Apartment is in old town looking on to river and theatre – pretty nice and the mattress is firm. 


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