Day 2 of Walking

It was a very tough long day. We were very cheerful throughout – even in pelting rain and 40 mph winds. 

We are frustrated by Spanish dining customs – can’t they see I’m so hungry I need to eat right f*ckibg now. Feed me you Iberian bastards!  Now!  

Ok, cheer a bit tested. Strava link to today’s stage

 35 kilometres. 1000 metres of climbing. The descents are worse than the climbs – very steep and often Boulder strewn. 

Countryside and seaside fabulous. Spanish bourgeoise are particularly bourgeoise. It’s like they have no idea of who we are. Children and adults alike look on in shock as we schlep around in shorts and Birkenstock’s while they are in winter coats and boots. I think would prefer being invisible than to being viewed contemptuously by Basque men partaking in their national sport (nose picking – solo and synchronized categories.

Off to bed. 


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