Los Burros y Las Vacas

Vasco de Gamma I ain’t. 

We started in Irun this morning after short Metro ride out to a few metres from the Santiago Bridge. We walked out halfway on the bridge and touched our toes into France, took some pictures, and then got lost. 

In fact we, and it’s unfair to include Di as part of navigation team, stayed lost most of the day. The favoured routes out of Irun run north and west out of town and then pretty much hug the coast. We after becoming disconnected from the guide arrows momentarily ended up on a Camino route that headed south and west. Our route had yellow arrows every 100 m or so and a mix of new and old signposts that identified the route,in Spanish and Basque, as the Camino de Santiago. 

Right route wrong path. It was lovely route through Basque farming communities. Diana made every effort to become personally acquainted with every cow, mule, horse, dog and really all life forms enroute. We lost our wrong path but were aided by an amused shepherd whose property we were trespassing upon

So tired almost cross eyed. It’s 8:15 and after a long, slow and hilly day we ate a picnic of manchego, chorizo and Txalico (very young and somewhat fizzy white wine)). Txalico was a 1.60 € a glass last night in best Pintxos bar ever and 10 € a bottle in most avaricious deppaneur in Donostia. More excuse to abandon picnics and return to best tapas bar ever. Strava evidence of poorly navigated route.

Off to bed!  Rest day tomorrow. 


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