Pod People

You may remember the scene in “This is Spinal Tap” where the band members were trapped in their alien pod props and were not released until the song was over. Just checking – it’s really appropo of nothing. 
I think 20+ years of parenting can make a couple a bit inward looking. So part of becoming reacquainted as a couple is starting to be more social again as a couple. Or not. Either way we will have a month to talk about it – or not. 

What we have really noticed, and appreciated, is how generous and helpful veteran caminogoers have been. At pilgrim gatherings and in other interactions everybody has been keen to talk, help and provide advice. It may have been even better if there was more consensus – but the lack of consensus reinforces that a Camino can be enjoyed and endured very individually. 

We are now enroute – a wee bit of German labour activity cancelled our flight from Frankfurt to Bilbao so Air Canada (the yyj check in people were absolutely awesome) rerouted us through London and on to British Airways to Bilbao.  Bumped onto a 787 Dreamliner which is a bit of treat as well. We managed to be very accepting of Prussian industrial labour strife – very pilgrims accept of us!  Should be in a few hours later to San Sebastien but early enough that we hope to start first leg Thursday as originally planned. 


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