Getting ready to Whig 

This Tuesday we will be 3 weeks to departing home. Getting a bit quesy as will have work to sort out, home to sort out and leaving to sort out. Getting lots of balls in the air and freezing probably will result in a bunch of balls hitting us in the head. Most of home and leaving will probably fall to Di -I will remain in a helpful oversight roll. It’s going to happen so hopefully we can mitigate the getting uptight part. We have been getting better generally on the leaving for vacation – it used to be a stressful event.

Got a hike in at Thetis lake on Thursday after work and Saturday – trekking poles are a big help with descents. Today got a 16.5 km hike with the backpack on (first time) followed by Fry’s Sunday pizza and donut. Pack is too small -for my 6’4″ frame -but the largest osprey made in this capacity. If we do this again will look harder for a pack for tall guys. It will work and has lots of pockets, hard points, zippers and flaps so I will look the part.

 Finished Jack Hitt’s book “Off the Road / a modern day walk down the pilgrims route into Spain” this morning. It had been cited as one of source material for the movie The Way. Not much of the movie in book but liked the exploration of history around the route and very secular take on the process. The afterword alone is worth the time spent reading the book.

We attended the Gathering of Pilgrims last Saturday. This run by the local, very active chapter, of the Canadian Company of Pilgrims. This was our second time and we really enjoyed it. Great program including foot and body health along with route planning, packing suggestions, and reflections of returned pilgrims. At lunch we got to sit with a group who had completed the Norte recently and got some very helpful advice. These are great events filled with a very eclectic group.


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