Training and gatherings with 1 month to go!

We have been out hiking with our trekking poles this and last weekend. I had convinced myself that this was some dark art that would be hard to master – it just pretty much seems like walking. Walking but better!  Great for speeding us up on flats and easing strain on descents. Di has really take to them and speed her up over all terrain as well as easing concerns on straining joints on descents.

We had our local gathering of pilgrims today. Full day event with about 250 seasoned pilgrims and aspirants. Now that we have chosen the Norte we had some good conversations on the breaks with people who have done that route. Really informative day – my gear list gets bigger evertime I hear a good idea. Packing will be hard although Di assures me that she will sort me out. Here’s hoping.

We are on verge of getting overexcited. We have to step in off the ledge and stay focused on what’s going on now rather than be to fixated on what’s happening a month today.

Found rubber Birkenstock’s online today for both of us. This counts as very exciting as I think they can sub for flip fops and evening pilgrim footwear. In a 38 litre bag double tasking is very important. I was a little concerned my Keen sandals were a bit heavy and not good shower wear. Here’s hoping that these work – will leave room for a heavy battery to keep my precious iPhone charged as a map and guidebook substitute as well as a means to keep work email tamed.



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