Getting Ready to Start


In three weeks our local cofraternity of St James is hosting a Pilgrim’s gathering and we are pretty excited to participate in this event again. Last year we got great packing and gear advice. We also heard a talk about the Camino Norte and Primitivo combo that helped confirm our choice of taking that route.

“We” are me, Graham, and my wife Diana. We both turn 50 in the fall and have planned to walk the Camino to mark the event for about 20 years – since reading David Lodge’s “Therapy”. The book introduced me to the Camino for the first time although it is more about mid life crisis than Caminos. We decided on the Camino with a confidence that it was eternity away. Here we are.

Most of the gear is bought so the bigger job will be shrinking the pile of gear rather than adding to it. We went for a big shop after the last Camino gathering and have packs and sleeping bags and merino aplenty strewn about. At the top of my list is to bring everything back together and packed up in next couple of weeks so we can get a few walks in with all our gear. We have done a lot of walking but none with bags yet.

Never blogged and not sure whether I want to blog the Camino as we go. But we’ll see.


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